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Government Relations

This MPMA committee is responsible for:
  • Monitoring legislative activities that impact members
  • Notifying members through legislative updates in the e-newsletter and via email

Members of this committee are involved with the Manufacturing Coalition, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the National Tooling and Machining Association/Precision Metalforming Association (NTMA/PMA) “One Voice” initiative, and other grassroots lobbying opportunities.

MPMA members are encouraged to get involved in issue that are important to their businesses and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

2017 Legislative Priorities - Youth Skills Training Program Passes

The MPMA led the way in the 2017 Legislative Session to spearhead the legislative effort to create the Youth Skills Training Program, based in part on successful youth apprenticeship models in Wisconsin and Colorado.

The key components of the legislation:

  • Allows high school “student learners” under 18 to do work-based internships and apprenticeships on the shop floor.
  • Provides schools with the support needed to help work-based internship and apprenticeship programs succeed in their communities.
  • Promotes employer participation in equipping students with the skills and competencies needed for success in careers in the manufacturing industry.

It is expected that the Department of Labor and Industry will begin implementation of the program this summer.

In addition, the MPMA has three other legislative priorities that includes:

Enhance the Research and Development Tax Credit: Support expansion of tax credits that encourage innovation and investment in Minnesota businesses.

  • Provides a refundable research and development tax credit for start-up companies and increases federal conformity on allowable research expenses.
  • Allows manufacturers to invest in innovation to be more globally competitive.
  • Makes the state more attractive for new businesses and business expansions.

Federal Section 179 Expensing Tax Regulations: Support tax reform that simplifies compliance and reduces the burden for manufacturers.

  • Allows Section 179 expensing to conform with federal tax law, which will help manufacturers with tax compliance
  • Creates opportunities for property and equipment investments so manufacturers can remain competitive in global manufacturing.

Reduce Business Tax Rates: Support elimination of the statewide business property tax and reduction of income taxes for companies paying the top rate of taxes through the individual income tax “pass-through” system (i.e. S Corps, sole proprietorships, LLCs, and partnerships).

  • Reduces the property tax burden for Minnesota business by eliminating the statewide business property tax.
  • Supports tax reductions for 90 percent of Minnesota businesses that pay their taxes through the individual income/pass-through system.
  • Increases ability of companies to reinvest in businesses and employees and encourages start-up businesses to grow in Minnesota.

Click here for the PowerPoint Slideshow from the Legislative Priorities Program (Jan. 31, 2017)

» Click here for a downloadable card with the 2017 Legislative Priorities

» Click here for a downloadable flyer about the Youth Workforce Initiative

For more information: Amy Walstien, Lobbyist at or 651-238-9264;
Jaime Nolan, Executive Director, or 952-564-3072.

How to Reach Your Elected Representatives

  • Find out who represents you and/or your company. Type your home or business address here. Visit your representatives’ web page to view their phone and email address to contact them directly and sign up for their email updates.
  • Ask your legislator when he or she plans to hold a Town Hall meeting near you. Plan to attend to meet him or her in person.
  • Subscribe to and respond to action alerts from the Minnesota Chamber, MPMA, One Voice (collaborative effort of NTMA and PMA), and other advocacy groups working on your behalf.
  • Do your homework; view voting records for members of the Minnesota Legislature here and members of Congress here.
  • Reach out to your legislators directly by phone or email to inform them how a certain piece of legislation would help or hurt your business.
  • Write a letter to the editor supporting or opposing a particular issue and share it with your legislators.
  • Offer to host one or more of your legislators on a tour of your shop.

> Click here for the printed handout.